An atlas of brain regulatory regions and regulatory networks - a novel systems biology approach to pathogenesis of selected neurological disorder

Symfonia 3
Scientific Project

Klev Diamanti, Husen M. Umer, Marcin Kruczyk, Michal J. Dąbrowski, Marco Cavalli, Claes Wadelius and Jan Komorowski (2016). "Maps of context-dependent putative regulatory regions and genomic signal interactions". Nucleic Acids Res 44(19):9110-9120 see article

Husen M Umer, Marco Cavalli, Michal J Dabrowski, Klev Diamanti, Marcin Kruczyk, Gang Pan, Jan Komorowski and Claes Wadelius (2016). "A Significant Regulatory Mutation Burden at a High Affinity Position of the Ctcf Motif in Gastrointestinal Cancers". Human Mutation 37(9):904–913 see article

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